UChicago Urban Labs

Urban Labs is packed with information on a lot of these questions. Particularly in the “crime lab” and “poverty lab” sections. They also have several models they have tried out with community support and the data from those projects.  Note: Use caution against leaning too hard on the Crime Lab, which has some useful researchContinue reading “UChicago Urban Labs”

South Side Weekly – Current policing policy in Chicago

Current policing policy in Chicago, this article pulls out numbers and quotations from the Department of Justice report released in January 2017, as well as linking to the full 160-page report:  Given that the city has consistently missed the vast majority of the consent decree deadlines.

Chicago Reader — Cops appear to violate use of force rules dozens of times at protests

Not just any use of force rules, either—ones put in place specifically as one of the few completed requirements of the consent decree “Barely three months after the CPD instituted new rules around the use of batons, our reporting documented 83 baton strikes on at least 32 different people by officers, most captured on video.Continue reading “Chicago Reader — Cops appear to violate use of force rules dozens of times at protests”

Chicago Sun Times -Facing increased calls for reform, independent monitor finds CPD missed 70% of consent decree deadlines in 2nd reporting period (Paywall)

It’s clear that the patterns and practices identified in the DOJ report are for the most part unchanged.

Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police (Paywall)

Mariame Kaba’s recent NYT opinion piece doesn’t directly answer any of those questions in the way you’re asking for, but it includes lots of useful links to things like analyses of how much time police actually spend on “violent crime,” the long history of failed “reform,” how often police commit sexual assault, etc.