Inside the Chicago Police Department’s secret budget

Every year, police take millions of dollars from ordinary Chicagoans and spend it behind closed doors. “Civil forfeiture, as the process is known, allows police and prosecutors to permanently keep any cash, vehicles, or other goods seized during a traffic stop or investigation. As long as they believe the money is tied to a crime,Continue reading “Inside the Chicago Police Department’s secret budget”

Chicago Reporter-Chicago has nearly tripled per capita police spending since 1964, data show

Chicago is spending more on policing per person than at any time in the last half-century despite a persistent drop in crime over the last two decades, while the vast majority of murders remain unsolved.

ACRE Police Budget Breakdown

This website pulls budget info from budget ordinances and makes comparisons with other cities easy. It shows CPD with a budget of $1.652 billion, 37% of the total budget. But that doesn’t account for police misconduct settlements or overtime overages. In 2018, Chicago spent more than $113 million on police misconduct settlements.