Statement in Response to Alderman Osterman’s Sept. 25 Newsletter

48th Ward Neighbors for Justice is unwavering in its support for the Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) ordinance and the demands of Black Lives Matter Chicago. In his newsletter on September 25, Alderman Osterman ignored the cry of Chicagoans and BLM Chicago in favor of empty words that manipulate the tragedy and injustice of Breonna Taylor’s murder to further his agenda of promoting GAPA, an ordinance that was created with the support of Mayor Rahm Emanuel as a way to diminish calls for CPAC and protect the Chicago Police Department from accountability.

We challenge the alderman to acknowledge and support the demands of BLM Chicago, including their fight to enact CPAC, so the people of Chicago can have true civilian control and real accountability for the CPD.

In Solidarity,

48th Ward Neighbors for Justice

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