Chicago Reader — Cops appear to violate use of force rules dozens of times at protests

Not just any use of force rules, either—ones put in place specifically as one of the few completed requirements of the consent decree

“Barely three months after the CPD instituted new rules around the use of batons, our reporting documented 83 baton strikes on at least 32 different people by officers, most captured on video. Nearly all appear to violate the new policy, with more than half of the strikes on video involving police beating people who were already on the ground. Multiple videos also show officers hitting protesters in the head with batons despite rules limiting these strikes to situations requiring deadly force. The incidents took place in full view of CPD supervisors, including sergeants and other higher-ranking officials, who rarely intervened as their officers struck protesters. It’s also unclear if officers reported their actions: the CPD’s new Use of Force Dashboard reports just 12 baton incidents across the entire month of May, most in neighborhoods far from the protests.”

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